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1. Present (simple) (subject He/She/It V1+s/es: make=makes/go=goes)
I always DO my homework.
She always DOES her homework.

2. Past (simple)
I DID my homework yesterday.

3. Future (simple)
I Will DO my homework.

4. Perfect (simple)
I have DONE my homework.
He has DONE his homework.

Untuk bentuk Continuous yang berubah bukan Verb-nya, karena semua verb menjadi Verb-ing, dan yang berubah adalah to Be (Auxiliary Verb-nya)

Dengan format yang sama yakni: S+to Be+ Ving+O
5. Present (continuous) : to be : am/is/are
I AM DOING my homework now.
You ARE DOING your homework.
He IS DOING his homework.

6. Past (continuous) : to be : was/were
I WAS DOING my homework.
We WERE DOING our homework.

7. Future (continuous) :to be: will be
They WILL BE DOING their homework.

8. Perfect (continuous) : to be : have/has been.
I HAVE BEEN DOING my homework.
She HAS BEEN DOING her homework.

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  • materikuliah

    brush comb dry eat get dressed get up go have make pick up put on rings wake up wear

    Every weekday morning I [?] as soon as my alarm [?]. After 10 minutes I [?] and go to the bathroom. I [?] a shower, [?] my teeth and [?] my hair. After my shower I [?] myself with a big towel and go back to the bedroom.

    In the bedroom I [?] my makeup and [?], I sometimes [?] trousers and a blouse or top with sandals or shoes. Next I usually go to the kitchen and [?] myself a cup of tea, although I sometimes drink coffee instead of tea. For breakfast I often [?] cornflakes, toast and marmalade and a piece of fruit. After breakfast I [?] my car keys and [?] to work.

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